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" The Srilanka Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation has established a reputation as a pioneer in the manufacture of numerous herbal and ayurvedic goods. These include items for treating pain, aches, and colds, as well as items for personal care, herbal tea, health promotion, capsules, and generic ayurvedic medications. Our current range includes over 200 products, all of which are produced under stringent scientific supervision. The underlying philosophie is the fusion of traditional Ayurvedic knowledge and cutting-edge technology that is motivated by science. Thus, every product complies with international standards and is made to improve consumers' quality of life, overall health, and lifespan. All of our products are made in compliance with ISO 9001 standards and are closely supervised by a panel of senior ayurvedic physicians. "

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Relief Category

Paspanguwa Relief


Consisting of indigenous ingredients, this is an assured and experienced medicine capable of curing headache and body pain.

Peyawa Relief


A 100% natural remedy that may be used for relief from cold and fever.

Maduka Syrup Relief

Maduka Syrup

An amazing cough reliever product that contains no alcohol, no artificial preservatives, formulated using 100% natural and local herbs.

Jeewalepa Balm Relief

Jeewalepa Balm

Jeewalepa Balm may be identified as a type of balm produced using Shulahara oil which is an Ayurvedic external application for headache, cold, muscle pain and muscle spasms.

Sudarshana Capsules Relief

Sudarshana Capsules

A convenient product for the modern lifestyle that contains local medicines providing quick relief for cold, fever and body pain.

Personal Care Category

Aloe Vera Shampoo Personal Care

Aloe Vera Shampoo

A shampoo infused with natural Aloe Vera extract. Hair is nourished and cooled by using it, and it gives a shiny hair by removing dandruff.

Nilma Hair Oil Personal Care

Nilma Hair Oil

his hair Oil, prepared using only 100% local medicines. nourishes and cools the hair. It has properties of hair growth, bringing it a deep black color with healthy hair follicles, enriched properties curing headache and brightening eyes.

Venivel Body Wash Personal Care

Venivel Body Wash

It can be used to get a gbowing bright skin by removing blemishes and Cleaning the skin.

Sandalwood Facial Wash Personal Care

Sandalwood Facial Wash

It is a suitable face cleanser for removing discoloration. dark spots and embedded dirt and dust particles on the face.

Papaya Facial Wash Personal Care

Papaya Facial Wash

Enriched With natural herbal extracts, this herbal facewash removes black spots on the face while brightening and softening the skim.

Cucumber Facial Wash Personal Care

Cucumber Facial Wash

Produced by blending natural cucumber extract. Removes acne blisters on the face and brightens the face.

Raktha Chandan Facial Wash Personal Care

Raktha Chandan Facial Wash (Red Sandalwood)

Has been produced by adding the extract of Red Sandalwood extract. Makes the face bright and healthy.

Manjane Sruk Personal Care

Manjane Sruk

A medicinal tooth powder suitable for healthy gums and strong teeth.

Herbal Tea Category

Iramusu Tea Herbal Tea

Iramusu Tea

Iramusu Tea is a very good herbal drink capable of preventing a huge number of diseases, being a substitute to tea. This can be prepared in the same way a cup Of tea is prepared. Iramusu Tea is a medicinal drink (caffeine free) that leads to a healthy life quenching thirst with body brightening and body cooling properties.

Cinnamon Tea Herbal Tea

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea (with caffeine) can be introduced as a very beneficial drink for the body. This is a stimulant drink as well as a medicinal drink that suppresses disappetite. Due to the property of removing the unwanted fatty parts of Body, cinnamon drink isve suitable for ou and old people.

Kothalahimbutu Tea Herbal Tea

Kothalahimbutu Tea

This is a drink formulated to control blood sugar levels. It is appropriate to use it three times a week. A caffeinated drink that is also suitable for diabetics.

Masbadda Tea Herbal Tea

Masbadda Tea

This is a medicinal drink which can be drunk twice or thrice a week instead of tea as prepared to control blood sugar level. (A caffeinated drink suitable for diabetic patients)

Nelli - Rasakinda Tea Herbal Tea

Nelli - Rasakinda Tea

It is a delicious drink that can be drunk instead of Tea. Nelli - Rasakinda is blend of 100% natural nelli and rasakinda which are known bo be powerful herbs that have been used in Ayurveda for centuries. A drink that cools tha body, brightens the skin, and purifies the blood.

Health Promotive Category

Dharani Syrup Health Promotive

Dharani Syrup

Formulated with natural Brahmi extract, it contains no artificial thickeners or preservatives. It is a precious herb that purifies the blood, stimulates the heart, and especially improves the memory of young children.

Rasam Health Promotive

Rasam (Thambumhodi)

Consisting Of 100% natural and local ingredients, Rasam is an easy-to-prepare drink with no preservatives or flavorings. This drink has properties that facilitate digestion, prevent constipation, remove unwanted fat parts deposited in the body, and have the ability to develop resistance to diseases.

Thripala Tablets Health Promotive

Thripala Tablets

It has the properties of alleviating all three types of ailments and is good for hemorrhoids and constipation as well as rashes. Due to its chemical properties, it has the ability to remove organ weakness.

Medaharani Tablets Health Promotive

Medaharani Tablets

It is a medicine prepared from local ingredients that can remove unwanted fat from the blood and remove blockages in blood vessels. It is available as tablets.

Other Capsules

Medaharani Capsules Capsules

Medaharani Capsules

It is a medicine prepared from local ingredients that can remove unwanted fat from the blood and remove blockages in blood vessels. It is available as tablets and capsules.

Kothala Himbutu Capsules Capsules

Kothala Himbutu Capsules

A product designed to control blood sugar levels.

Cinnamon Capsules Capsules

Cinnamon Capsules

A type of capsule containing only natural cinnamon (100%) with the ability to reduce unwanted fat in the body and prevents many diseases caused by blockage of blood vessels.

Ashwagandha Capsules Capsules

Ashwagandha Capsules

It consists Of only natural medicines prepared for easy use. Controls nervous troubles & skinniness. It contains a mixture of herbs that have properties against hemorrhoids.

Dhathri Capsules Capsules

Dhathri Capsules

An easy -to-use medicine made from 100% local ingredients. Has mild laxative properties also removing Constipation. This contains a mixture of herbs that have curing properties for hemorrhoids patients.

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